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Dungeon Masters

by Iron Kobra

Intro 01:36
A comet's tail ago, at the edge of what mankind used to call civilization and what marks the brink of reality, the Dungeonmaster walked these worlds. A being of chaos, neither good nor evil, he ruled his kingdoms with fearsome antics, puzzles, and voids, and roamed far and wide to gather mysteries and treasures. One such was the Fireblade Itself. The Fireblade! Forged by the dwarves, tempered by the Unavegend. Living, ancient thing, drawing to Itself a hero when It pleases. Some say the Fireblade compelled the Dungeonmaster to create these catacombs, and to lock up his treasure in fabled puzzle vaults. And that it is the Fireblade that bids you here, to test you in the Dungeonmaster's mazes. That if you succeed - if you live to gather treasure, to fight the horrors within that Chaos has sired - the Fireblade will make you more than you are now, neither mortal nor god, but the pure essence of power roaming the world in its name. The legend pleases you? You accept the challenge of the dreaded Fireblade? Then enter the vaults of the mighty Dungeonmaster!
Here I stand with the wand in my hand and I know that my time has come! Eerie sounds from the heart of hell echo out of the dungeon’s cleft Casting demons – shadowlords! Guard me on my way! Facing darkness – facing death! I won’t be its prey! Let there be light upon these dark cavewalls! Creatures beware ‘cause I will be your doom! Let there be light upon these dark cavewalls! Creatures beware ‘cause I will be your doom! A three-eyed menace watches me, my blood turns into ice! The dungeon master’s final command, a dragon attacks from nowhere!
Gleaming swords in the blackest night lighten up by the misty moonlight. In this battle you will die and your souls will ascend so high! No chance against the enemy! No one can stop his victory! I can see lightning in the sky and I hear the valkyrie’s cry. Valhalla Rock! Oh yeah! Valhalla Rock On shiny wings – we do fly into the marble hall up high. Where the gods are – the sacred ones, and where the golden mead runs! But our comrades drop on the field, there is no armour - there is no shield. They perish – man by man, so we have to go back again. Valkyries ride! Stand up and fight!
Metal Rebel 05:01
When I first heard that sound my world was turning around and I knew that I’m one of them! One of the metal maniacs - ready for attacks! I am a hard rocking man! Wearing leather on my skin, living for the sin, a rebel in a metal clan! I don’t care what they say - I wanna rock all day, until I am a grey old man! I am menace to society and you, so get the fuck out off my face! I don’t care what people say and what they do, the heavy sound is what I chase! Heavy Metal! Heavy Metal Rebel! Metal Rebel! Metal Rebel! My teachers screamed at me - but hell, i’m fucking free, I know that what I do is right! My parents told me twice to stay calm and nice, but I got a Heavy Metal riot! Spending all my cash for booze and fast thrash and start a long metal night! Got maniacs with me - the Heavy Metal scene! Tonight we’re gonna start a fight
Born under the tower, created from dirt and filth, possessed by evil – led by dark forces! Eyes full of madness, hunger for human flesh, an army of darkness – we will reign! Power by force! Strength by will! Fight! For the glory of Isengard! Die! Under the banner of the white hand! Calling from Orthanc, his eyes – watching us, the white wizard wields his wand! Dark power’s rising, we are the might of death, try to stop us – we will laugh!
Can you hear the thunder from the sky? Can you see the lightning striking down? Can you feel the power rising up? Can you hear the music getting loud? No more need for rest or sleep, we just need more beer and booze! Pure Metal blasting through the air, there’s no one that can ever stop you! Banging heads – fists held high! Smashing posers as they cry! Pumping iron – all day long, bending bars of steel! Banging heads – fists held high! Smashing posers as the cry! An army of rock – united we stand, a Metal generation! Heavy Metal Generation! Heavy Metal, oh yeah! Can you hear the blasting guitar-sound? Can you see the crowd going wild? Can you feel the smashing of the drums? Can you hear the people shouting loud? An army of rock – united we stand! If you’re not into Metal – you’re not our friend! Drinking and fucking – wherever we are, we’re never sober – hail to the Kobra! Banging heads – fists held high! Smashing posers as they cry! They can’t stop us – let them try! For Metal we will die! Banging heads – fists held high! Smashing posers as the cry! An army of champions with discipline of steel, a Metal generation!
Evil warriors – the vanguard of doom, opening the gates, exhuming the tomb! Fires burning higher – praising their king! Armoured to fight, hear the churchbell ring. Infernal warlords – commands from hell! Screaming for death as the angels fell! Pentagrams on shields, crush the divine! Swords held high, come drink Satan’s wine! Black Magic Spells, dark wizards break lose, satanic Blitzkrieg strikes, Doomsday! Preacher’s falling, under attack! His army’s marching, holding his flag. Slaughter and misery, anguish and pain, desecrated altars, fully bloodstained! Snakeblood and poison, elixir of death! Humanity’s crumbling, taking its last breath! Satan’s rule – ready to seize! Crucifix inversed – hunger and disease!
Ronin 04:32
The law of your life is the law of the sword. No one can stand in your way! Your lord lost his life – was betrayed by his men. Now vengeance is all that you seek! Anata ga shitakoto subete wo nik undeimasu! Honour of the blade, Ronin – revenge is your fate! Fighting for the right, Ronin – leave no one alive! Raise your sword to the rising sun, you have to believe in your fate! Flaming thunderstrikes shall break through the night, just leaving bloodshed behind. Your search for revenge will never end, a hero that nobody knows. A lone swordsman – against all odds, now scream your battlecry! Ronin – master of the sword!
Druid's Call 04:05
Ancient magic, they call the Runes! Flutes are playing long forgotten tunes. Dancing around their altar of stone, shaman kings with staffs of bone! Druids summon demons of death, earth’s taking its last breath! Chaos rules, the order is gone, when midnight strikes, their work is done! Run for your life! Moon’s rising high! Druid's call on Hallow's eve! Stonehenge's just ahead! When druids call you better leave, start to run or you'll regret! The breath of dragons ignites the sky! Sleepless nights as the banshees cry! Forbidden texts hewn into the rock! Celtic frost at twelve o'clock! And there they gather in these haunted ruins to perform their pagan rites, unleash forces of hell! Hidden in their dark robes - casting spells, wielding staffs, bursting with evil magic! Calling the Master, fulfilling unholy oaths, maiden sacrificed on the black monolith of death! In the shadows of Stonehenge!
Speedbiker 02:10
I’m the speedbiker, I’m driving on the road. The highway is my kingdom, my engine’s overloaded. No one’s gonna stop me, I’m driving much too fast! No one’s gonna beat me, ‘cause I’m the fucking best! Speedbiker! Speedbiker! Speedbiker! Yes, I’m the speedbiker! No more need for gasoline, I don’t need no fuel! A flashing highspeed lightning, I’m breaking every rule! My bike is made of iron, my bike is made of steel! Used leather on my skin, flaming thunder wheels! Slow driver – get out of my way! Don’t mess around with me today! On no, it’s a highway cop, but never mind – I’ll never stop!
In distant worlds, there lies a town, where sinful kings rule the crown. Greyish clouds before a crimson sky, azure steel reflects the light! If fouling stench rises up your nose, better turn back, you're far to close! Rotten chaos and mutant hordes, social order - forever lost! In the depths of Thousand Fire City! Under skies of Thousand Fire City! The burning skies of a Thousand Fire City! Flaming bodies lying on the ground, where relics of the past can be found! Carbon black the atmosphere, evil wizards spreading fear! Temples of progress rise - up above, Despicable crimes you can't think of! The times won't change - ain't it right? The price for progress is our life! Thunderbirds rising from ashes igniting the sky! Lost all senses for what is wrong or what is right! Will justice prevail or has it failed, to save us from the eternal dark? Run away or you will die! Don't look back, ignore those cries! Never return, never come back, head forward into the light!


All songs written and performed by IRON KOBRA under divine providence.
Forged in the fires of Toxomusic Studio from the 15th to the 19th of October 2012.
Refined, polished and sharpened from the 29th of Octobre to the 2nd of November 2012.


released November 29, 2012

Cover artwork by Velio Josto.




Iron Kobra Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Heavy Metal Maniacs since 2008!

Steffen - Lead Guitars
Matze - Bass
Ela - Vocals & Guitars
Björn - Drums

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